Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Flash by Geoff Johns (Review)

Citizen's Grade: Impressive.

With the release of Flash: Rebirth, and the restart of the The Flash monthly comic...I thought I'd sum up the past run of The Flash by Geoff Johns. Johns wrote The Flash for years, and brought him back into the spotlight of the DC Universe. With great artists assisting John's great writing skills, these books were well worth the money! The review sums up the following Graphic Novels:

Wonderland (art by Angel Unzueta and Doug Hazelwood)
Blood will Run (art by Scott Kolins and Ethan Van Sciver)
Rogues (art by Scott Kolins)
Crossfire (art by Scott Kolins)
Blitz (art by Scott Kolins)
Ignition (art by Howard Porter)
The Secret of Barry Allen (art by Howard Porter)
Rogue War (art by Howard Porter and Steven Cummings)

Wally West (The Flash) was the nephew of Barry Allen (the previous Flash), and when a chemical accident in Allen's lab gave Wally the same speed powers as Allen, the two became close and Wally became his sidekick, Kid Flash. Years later, Wally discovered it was no accident at all, the "Speed Force" had chosen him! After Barry Allen's death trying to save the Universe from the Anti-Monitor, Wally West took up the mantle of The Flash....and has been running ever since!

These were the best story arcs of Geoff John's run on The Flash, and I fell in love with Wally West (The Flash of "Rebirth" and the new monthly is Barry Allen), and especially the Rogues. Johns did a fantastic job of delving into the minds and psyches of The Flash's villains. Johns' ability to bring out a sympathetic feeling for The Flash's many Rogues from the reader is the true brilliance of this run. You actually begin to understand and even "root" for Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Weather Wizard, Gorilla Grodd, Fallout and the others. Along the way you learn more about the "Speed Force" and the unique superhuman powers that go along with it. You also see the sacrifice that Wally West and his wife must make to keep running....

It's hard to pick favorites in this bunch, but Rogues and Rogue War would be the two you must absolutely have! Not essential reading if you've just started reading The Flash during the "Rebirth" mini-series or the new monthly comic book, but definitely worth considering if you are or become a Flash Fan!!

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