Sunday, May 30, 2010

Batman: No Man's Land (Review)

Citizen's Grade: Impressive.

Batman: No Man's Land and Batman: Cataclysm were the volumes that brought me back to collecting Batman Comics! N.M.L. is 5 volumes and Cataclysm is 1, and these 6 volumes are "primo". A host of writers (including Greg Rucka, Paul Dini, & Chuck Dixon) and artists (including Dale Eaglesham & Dan Jurgens) worked on this project as well, making for great stories and different views of the events taking place.

The lead-up story begins with "Cataclysm", in which a major earthquake hits Gotham City. The U.S. government officially evacuates Gotham and then abandons and isolates those who choose (or have no choice) to remain in the city. "No Man’s Land" covers the events within the city after it's isolation until its time of re-opening and the beginning of rebuilding.

Batman stays in Gotham, along with Commissioner Gordan and others, trying to stem the tide of chaos and lawlessness pervading Gotham. As mob, drug lords, and Batman's Rogues fight for control of the city, Batman must use all means necessary to try to keep control and protect the citizens too poor or loyal to move away.

This is a great series! Although long, it is never dull, with lots of action and a critique of how our Government may act.....just look at the events surrounding the real-life tragedy of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.....if faced with such an event.

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