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"Not-So-New 52" Review: #2's & #3's (part three)

Hello again, as we continue reviewing the "New 52" #2's & #3's that I collect every month....we come to the "rest"......Green Lantern: New Guardians, Red Lanterns,  & The Savage Hawkman.

After reading the first 3 Issues, I decided to drop I,Vampire from my monthly "Pull List". I'm trying to keep myself disciplined and only collecting 10 Titles from DC Comics.  It's been very difficult and I'm still at 11, though with Title #11 being Justice League....I'm not at all disappointed in myself or anything.

On to the reviews.....
Green Lantern: New Guardians 

Kyle Raynor; having acquired rings from all the various Corps and not knowing why or how, has his hands full as representatives of the other Corps demand their rings back and vengeance for the deaths of their comrades who wore the rings that have made their way to Raynor.  Not sure what to do, but not wanting an all-out battle around innocent city dwellers....Kyle seeks the only one who may have answers: the Guardian Ganthet.  Saint Walker joins him on his journey to OA, with the other Corps members following in hot pursuit.

Once on OA, Raynor finds Ganthet....but Ganthet and the other Guardians of the Universe have other ideas!  Seeing Kyle as a traitor and an enemy now, they seek to take back their Green Lantern ring from him, along with the other rings.  Kyle transforms into "super-lantern", as he gains all the powers from the various rings and beats down the Guardians momentarily. But he cannot keep it up, and succumbs to their awesome power.  Just as all seems lost, the other Corps members arrive to get their rings back.....chief among them, Larfreeze!!

I continue to be impressed by Tony Bedard's writing (although it may just be I love all the various Corps of the emotional spectrum and the endless stories that can come out of Geoff John's masterpiece creation), and Tyler Kirkham's artwork is always good.  

Red Lanterns

Atrocitus; now re-focused on what the Red Lanterns' mission is all about, continues to search out for those who have been wronged and whose cries of rage call out to him. Showing that rage can sometimes be just, he saves a young child from death in an ongoing war on a distant planet. He finds; however, that those who cry for rage sometimes do not want to join his cause.

Returning to Ysmault; homeworld of the Red Lanterns, Atrocitus realizes that to fulfill his mission of vengeance across the universe....he will need assistance...intelligent assistance.  He decides that Bleez will regain her intelligence, previously wiped away by the coursing napalm-blood of rage.  He throws her into Ysmault's "Blood Ocean", where she regains her cognitive abilities. She is angry with Atrocitus for "regaining" her pain, so they travel back to her homeworld of  Havania....which is as beautiful as she once discover the reason for her rage, who was behind it, and to gain vengeance for it.

After spitting on her mother's grave, Bleez finds her two former suitors who plotted her death and takes vengeance immediately on one of them, but chooses to forego immediate vengeance on the other....deciding to let him suffer in fear of his inevitable death. Atrocitus will have NONE of that; however, and ends the other suitor in pitiless fashion. Atrocitus and Bleez return to Ysmault, where she indeed assists in "organizing" the crazed members of the Red Lantern Corps.

Issue #3 ends with Atrocitus conversing with the carcass of Krona, wondering if Bleez is smarter and more dangerous than he gave her credit for.  Also.....DexStarr alert!!  They "kitty of rage" makes another appearance on the final page!

I absolutely love this book!!  The Red Lanterns' mission seems very simple, but is turning out to be quite complex....which is awesome!  Milligan and Benes make quite a team, and make this one of the most enjoyable titles I collect every month (Red Lanterns; along with Green Arrow & O.M.A.C., make "Week 1" my favorite week of the month!!).

The Savage Hawkman

As Carter Hall tries to get a handle on the new power of the symbiotic Nth Metal that flows through his body, he is challenged by, and fighting for his life against the mysterious alien threat, Morphicius. Hawkman escapes Morphicius's attempts to siphon his Nth Metal energies, but is unable to stop his escape 

We are introduced to Dr. Hogarth Kane, who seems to be a lot more than he lets on.  Carter awakens at the hospital to find Emma with him, along with Terrance & Professor Ziegler. While Carter goes to work trying to figure out the symbols from the craft Morphicius arrived in, Morphicius himself is commandeered by Waker (who claims to be there to save his life).  Waker works for Dr. Kane; who along with his assistant Askana, seek to use Morphicius to produce "The Extinction Virus".

Returning to the alien craft itself, a hologram reveals to Hawkman who and what Morphicius is....the forerunner of a deadly, all-consuming plague. Meanwhile Dr. Kane believes he can use Morphicius to develop "The Extinction Virus", and kills Morphicius....or so he thinks.  

Carter discovers that Terrance is the one who released the plague, so Hawkman hunts him down (puts Terrance's face through a windshield) and Terrance takes him to Dr. Kane & Morphicius...who is NOT dead as the issue ends.....

Tony Daniel & Philip Tan continue their amazing work, building the story with deep plotting and amazing artwork.  Although slow moving in some parts, The Savage Hawkman is building into one of the more complex and compelling titles that DC Comics has going right now.  Despite the criticism in the changes to the Hawkman character, the Nth Metal's symbiotic relationship with Carter Hall & the various alien presence throughout the issues is the perfect blending of previous incarnations of this character, in my opinion.

That's all of the #2's & #3's that I collect.  I dropped I, Vampire from my monthly pull list for financial reasons.  I will be collecting the new Conan The Barbarian series, which starts in early had to choose one of the current titles to drop in anticipation.  Although interesting, and looking like it actually may develop into a decent story....I, Vampire was the slowest moving and least interesting of the titles I'm currently reading.  That said, I would still highly recommend this title to anyone who is a fan of the vampire genre!

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