Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Daredevil by Brian Michael Bendis...(Review)

Citizen's Grade: Impressive.

With the relaunch of Daredevil happening soon in Marvel Comics, I thought I'd review the previous body of work from the last relaunch of Daredevil. Going over 100 issues, it spawned a couple movies (Daredevil & Electra) and has created THE mythos of the character. There were 4 main writers for this series' duration, all of them adding their part. I will break the series' down by author......following Kevin Smith's run was Brian Michael Bendis.

Other than a few "filler" issues, Bendis wrote issues #16-81 with great praise and success. He & artist Alex Maleev earned an Eisner Award for "Best Continuing Series" with their gritty, pulp-fiction narrative approach to The Man without Fear. Here are some of the many highlights of this Impressive run....
....someone has put a price on Matt Murdoch's head, and it isn't the Kingpin.
....The Kingpin is gunned down, and his empire crumbles. FBI agent leaks a rumor to the press that blind attorney Matt Murdoch is Daredevil!
....Matt becomes the defense attorney for the White Tiger, which has tragic consequences.
....Daredevil saves a blind woman from being hit by a truck. Her name is Milla.
....Milla & Matt fall in love...
....Daredevil continues fighting to keep The Owl, The Japanese Yakuza, and other mob influences out of Hell's Kitchen.
....The Kingpin returns for a final showdown with Daredevil. Daredevil beats Kingpin and declares himself...THE Kingpin. His rule: Clean up or Get out of Hell's Kitchen!
....Matt & Milla secretly get married.
....Ben Urich; Matt's friend & Dailey Bugle Reporter, puts all of the past year together and realizes that Matt has had a nervous breakdown after the death of Karen Page...and his life is currently the result of that tragedy.
....Milla leaves Matt and asks for a divorce.
....An Assassin shoots Daredevil!
.....Matt is arrested for conspiracy....

That is where Bendis left it for Ed Brubaker to take over writing duties.....Bendis' run was impressive and changed the way you looked at Matt Murdock/Daredevil.  Maleev's artwork was gritty and street level, the pair worked together perfectly on The Man Without Fear!!


  1. Good review, one slight mistake: Ben Urich doesnt work for the Daily Planet, he worjed for the Daily Bugle, and Frontline.

  2. Thanks for the comment....and for finding my error. I guess I've read too much!