Saturday, October 2, 2010

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse (Review)

Citizen's Grade: Impressive.

Maybe I'm just liking animated movies more, or DC Comics is doing a better job translating their great Graphic Novels into movies. Superman/Batman: Apocalypse; just like Batman: Under the Red Hood, does a wonderful job taking Jeph Loeb & Michael Turner's Superman/Batman: Supergirl and turning it into a good animated movie. I think they did a better job with this than Superman/Batman: Public Enemies.

After a mysterious spaceship splashes down in Gotham Bay, Batman & Superman discover the ship was inhabited by a mysterious girl.....
who turns out to be Superman's cousin. Batman is suspicious, Superman is happy to have family, and Wonder Woman just wants to protect her from herself and others. Someone else is interested in Kara as well, Darkseid, ruler of Apokolips.

As Superman, Batman, & Wonder Woman argue over what is best for the young girl, Kara just wants to make a decision on her own.....meanwhile Darkseid hatches a plan, and through a diversion of "Doomsdays", captures the female Kryptonian and brings her to Apokolips, where he takes control of her mind. The "trinity" travel to Apokolips with the help of Big Barda; a former Female Fury for Darkseid, and track down the young Kara.

As Superman battles his cousin; who's mind is controlled by Darkseid, Batman turns the table on the newgod through cunning. Darkseid lets them go to save his planet, as Batman's plan to blow it up if not proves genuine. But Darkseid is not done, and he heads to Earth to defeat Superman & Kara once and for all. After a cataclysmic fight, Superman & Kara defeat Darkseid, who flees back to Apokolips.

Kara is then revealed as Supergirl. Starring the voices of Kevin Conroy, Tim Daly, Andre Braugher, & Summer Glau as Supergirl (Kara). Bruce Timm (the executive producer of this and many, many other DC animated movies/series) produces another hit!

Though not as good as the book (what movie ever is?), it is entertaining & does a good job introducing Supergirl to animated movies. I only hope that they continue the Superman/Batman series of animated movies with Jeph Loeb's other hit series Superman/Batman: Absolute Power, S/B: Vengeance & maybe even Batman: Hush & the Long Halloween series.

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