Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Books....DC Revamp Continued

Some of the great new books that DC Comics has announced. 52 books starting at #1 in September! More to come, but these all look awesome, and I will be picking them up!

Mister Terrific. One of the world's smartest men uses his brains and fists against science gone mad in MISTER TERRIFIC #1, the new series from writer Eric Wallace and artist Roger Robinson. This is a new and untested series, and one I thought they should have tried for years. He is invisible to tech (security cameras, laser sensors, etc.), and his T-Spheres are cool.

The Savage Hawkman. Carter Hall’s skill at deciphering lost languages has led him to a job with an archaeologist who specializes in alien ruins – but will the doctor’s latest discovery spread an alien plague through New York City? No matter the personal cost, Carter Hall must don his cowl and wings and become the new, savage Hawkman to survive. Batman writer Tony Daniel teams up with artist Philip Tan . I'm a long-time Hawkman fan, and can't wait for this series to start.

Aquaman. Geoff Johns; my favorite comic book storyteller, reunites with superstar artist Ivan Reis to bring you a thrilling new take on the fan-favorite hero of the sea in AQUAMAN #1. Should be a great series, with Johns taking the King of the Seas to places he's never been before.

The Flash. The Flash knows he can’t be everywhere at once, but what happens when he faces an all-new villain who can as well? Written by acclaimed artist-turned-writer Francis Manapul, with artist Brian Buccellato. The Flash is the most visually engaging comic book published today, so DC made the right move with two artists working on it.

Green Arrow. Oliver Queen is an orphan who grew up to fight crime as the Green Arrow, a billionaire playboy who uses his fortune to become a superhero – able to fight the most powerful super-villains in the universe with nothing but a bow and arrow. JT Krul will write with art by superstar artist Dan Jurgens. I've always loved the Emerald Archer, and hope that Krul continues the success that he has had with Green Arrow over the last year.

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