Sunday, September 5, 2010

Flash: Rebirth (Review)

Citizen's Grade: Impressive.

Barry Allen has returned....but he's unsure why. The "Silver Age" Hero sacrificed his life in the Crisis on Infinite Earths event several years ago, and had been just a memory up until the 2006 Infinite Crisis event. As the Flashes pushed the evil "Earth Prime" Superboy into the Speed Force at full speed, they still needed help and no one could give it...except Barry Allen as he appeared from within the Speed Force, to aid in saving earth once again from beyond the grave.

The events of Final Crisis and Blackest Night serving as his launching pad, Barry Allen's return ushered in one of DC Comic's greatest heroes (Green Lantern Hal Jordan being the other), just as he is needed most....but he doesn't know why.

As events seem to be racing by him, his archenemy; the Reverse Flash, has reappeared as well. Flittering through time, Professor Thawne has re-orchestrated the event that made Barry Allen the Flash, and now the Reverse Flash shares in the power. The consequences to the Flash are profound, as he finds himself at times unable to slow down....with deadly consequences for any speedster with ties to the Speed Force. If the Flash touches them in those moments.....they die. The Flash has become death's harbinger for Speedsters....The Black Flash.

With the help of his fellow speedsters Wally West, Max Mercury, Jay Garrick, and his grandson from the future Bart Allen....Barry discovers that the Speed Force has been weakening since he first died, and that it's continuation depends on him! The Reverse Flash has created his own form of the Speed Force; the complete opposite of Barry's and the other Speedsters', which seems to be growing stronger. The Reverse Flash wants revenge for his death at the hands of Barry years ago, and is willing to travel throughout the timeline of Barry's life to get it!

Can Barry save the Speed Force, his fellow Speedsters, & his loved ones? Or will the evil Professor Thawne; the Reverse Flash from the future, end all that Barry holds dear?

Geoff Johns delivers another masterpiece of writing, and the same can be said for the stunning artwork of Ethan van Sciver. Much like they did with Green Lantern: Rebirth, they have taken the Scarlet Speedster to new heights. They've added changes to the Speed Force, making it less a mystery and more directly involved with the main character Barry Allen. If Geoff Johns does with The Flash monthly series what he did with Flash: Rebirth & the ongoing Green Lantern series, then this should be one of DC's best comics for years to come. Start collecting this now!!

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